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How can acupuncture help you with what you are dealing with?  That's a fantastic question.  When our minds and bodies are balanced and healthy everything flows easily.  But sometimes we hit a road block and things no longer flow the way they need to.  It can be something like a headache or back injury that throws us out of whack.  Or a serious traumatic event that completely veers us off course.  No matter what it is, big or small, it can have a significant impact on our day to day lives.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we recognize that a balance of qi (or energy) is essential to health and harmony in the body. When something is blocked or a stagnation has occurred, the body's lines of communication (meridians) are weakened and disease or pain results. By unblocking this stagnation or balancing whatever is in disharmony, the flow of energy is restored and the body can heal itself.


Dr. Heather Galloway looks to provide gentle, holistic and compassionate care that supports your vitality and well being.


What is Acupunture?

Acupuncture utilizes very fine needles inserted into specific points in the body.  The needles are used as a tool to help the body's natural and innate energy heal disharmony within.  According to Chinese medicine theory our vital energy, called qi, moves throughout the body via pathways called channels. 


     I am Dr. Heather Galloway, OMD

I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Board Certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist in the State of Nevada.

I am passionate about natural medicine and the finding harmony within. My journey into acupuncture started in 1999 when I suffered from debilitating digestive issues that frequently would land me in the doctor's office or the hospital.